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    Ron Paul giving us Financial Advice

    In my latest blog I talk about Ron Paul & the financial advice he gives us:
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    Is Flu vaccine safe?

    Read my latest blog where I uncover some info regarding vaccinations. My wife & I have four kids and NONE are vaccinated.
  3. Herman Cain

    Herman Cain used to work for the Federal Reserve and never spoke out against them. I think either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul could help America get back on track. I think Ron Paul has a better plan.
  4. Why UK should exit EU now!

    Thanks for your kind comments Dolcezza! The Italian LDS love to sleep unfortunately.

    I have just posted a new blog containing more insight into why the UK should exit the EU, this includes an...
  5. The EU scam and how to Prosper, no matter what!

    Hi everyone,

    It's great to gather here with fellow LDS that know that the conspiracy theories are fact and not theory (as President Ezra Taft Benson once said).

    I have written about the EU...
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