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    Default About Food Storage Planner

    Food Storage Planner is the #1 best-selling food storage management software. It's the most comprehensive software out there as it helps you track your usage, manage rotation and location, plan and budget for purchases, and even plan meals based on your current inventory and recipes--enter your own favorite recipes or choose from the program's more than 250 pre-entered recipes.

    There will no longer be questions on exactly how much food you have, or how much you need to complete your supply goals. Given time it will even track your usage history so you can tune the numbers more closely to what you actually eat rather than staying reliant on the guesses.

    If you're like me, you may have a hard time running a paper or spreadsheet management system, and consequently, you may have only vague notions of how long the food will last based on someone else's guestimate and you don't regularly update the inventory list because of it's cumbersome nature. This software can help you solve that problem. Or if you are short on space and store things in unusual locations, you can track those locations and expiration dates in a convenient fashion with reports to allow you avoid spoilage.

    There is a demo available: fsp5.exe. Which allows you to preview some of the functionality, style, and layout of the program.

    The GLO discount code will be $10 off full retail versions, GLO7883.
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