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Backblast, I didn't realize you were part of developing FSP.
I purchased the rights to FSP from the original creator a little over a month ago. His life is moving in a different direction and so now it's me in the driver's seat for good or ill, though I hope many find it to be good

I did a bulk order for my stake about 3-4 yrs ago. You should consider that a compliment because I really truly hate, hate, HATE doing bulk orders (everyone changing their minds, not getting money in on time, not picking it up when it's in, etc) but I thought it was an important enough program to make available to our members. I also mention it at least once a year in the monthly newsletter.
A fine compliment to it's usefulness I'd say! Hopefully the discount code makes it more available without the whole organizing a group buy and managing the money. I can possibly ease this process further if you do any in the future, just ask. At least if you don't mind electronic versions. If everyone wants a disc, the best route will remain the single order and single payment that's a pain on your end.

A few years ago I talked to someone there about improvements/changes I'd like to see. (Maybe it was you?) I'll give me opinion again, if you don't mind.
No, that would have been Van Evans and he didn't really pass much along to me in the vein of feature requests other than the occasional call for a Mac or smart phone version.

I'd like to see an equivalency or exchange mechanism. For example, there's a recommendation for X lbs of protein, X lbs of grains, etc. Now my family is never going to eat TVP, but we do have canned and dried meat. We have lots of wheat, but we also have barley, corn, oats and rice. Is there some way to calculate the total lbs of grains, the total servings of protein and then the program tells you "Whoa, you've got enough protein, don't need any more tuna." Or "You have enough carbs for your family's needs." In other words, a sort of pie chart (like you do to show how close we are to getting each item) that shows we have 90% of our protein needs, 80% of our fruit needs, etc.
You want nutrition information integrated so you can see obvious holes. I've thought about this a bit myself. The problem with this is that it requires yet more information about the products, which increases personalization and setup time. Setting up your supermarket with the products you have in storage is already a task if it's significantly different than the defaults. Though it is useful and does make the program more powerful and I also suppose it's easy enough to disable and run as it currently does, I'll see what I can do.