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I know that you have limited development time, because you seem to have this sleep habit that you don't want to break , but if you produced a smart phone version I would almost certainly buy your product.
I don't doubt that many probably would. But one thing I'm completely unsure about on the platform is what prices are acceptable? I'm under the impression that most users balk at even modest prices. Perhaps it's a bad impression, but, I suspect the current PC price levels would be unacceptable to the larger smart phone marketplaces.

There are a lot of cool things that you'd be able to do with a smart phone version. For instance, bar code scanning. There is a licensable bar code scanning technology for iPhone that works very well.
I have seen it, well, at least their demo video. I don't presently have the capital to do that. They are asking a LOT to resell the technology, and I have not been particularly impressed with the speed even though redlaser claims to have the fastest surest one out there. It may happen, but in a hypothetical phone release, I don't think I could include the bar code scanner initially due to my low capital.

One of my apps uses it to scan food items you are considering eating and telling you the nutritional information. What they don't have in their database other people can add.
That could go well with nutritional features.

So, for instance, if you were to make a smart phone version, you could let people scan in all the stuff they have that has bar codes. That would make data entry much, much quicker.
I think I could make an entry GUI that is faster than a camera based smart phone bar code scanner... I'm just not really impressed with them. But we'll see when I get a chance to actually play with it.

And for stuff that isn't already in your application, there could be a public database where some person with a lot of time on their hands could, for instance, enter the nutritional information for an MRE shortbread cookie.
Imagine how much quicker just those two things, bar code scanning and an public database, could make data entry into your application.
That privacy thing screams to me. Many users are pretty paranoid about OPSEC. It could happen though. User data entry can certainly expand some functions.

As a future feature idea, you could even have your application scan an item and search various preparedness websites and give you pricing. That way if you're using a can of TVP, and you want to re-order, your app could tell people where they could get the best value.
Probably a no-go unless I combined with "partners" to allow reordering through the system, I can't see myself re-writing froogle. Well, unless froogle has an API.. Still, relatively poor validation there for what would be required.

I'd be willing to help you test such a thing. I am a professional Quality Assurance Engineer :-)
Thank you for your offer