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I'm about to put out another newsletter/blog update and would like to mention FSP. Anything new to report? Updated versions? New features?
Yes, actually I'm a few days to a week away from letting people start to look at the next PC based version (6.0). It is not ready for prime time really, not feature complete nor terribly polished and thus not even really a beta. But many have been really anxious about some of the features and it is quite useable so I would like to get it out there. I'll create a thread when I've got the download page squared away.

Some of the newer features include

* Bar code scanning
* Specific meal planning for those who desire it
* More calorie oriented general planning rather than vague item totals given or that you have to calculate yourself
* Pantry item filter (IE show me items I have in excess, or I have too little of)
* Recipe filter (IE find me a recipe that uses something that expires soon in my storage, or find me something that uses coconuts cause I have a craving)
* Goal oriented planning (IE water storage, get home bags, evac bags)
* Can link a recipe back into your pantry, which is convenient when you want to combine items into a kit or in canning/bottling stuff and placing it back into storage.
* Recipes will utilize entered nutritional information, showing you roughly how many calories you're getting in your meal.
* Maintains a good (and changeable/fixable) item purchase and use history, one of the more glaring weaknesses in the current version.

Where to order?

What else would you like people to know about it?
Anyone who has ordered since last April will get a free upgrade to 6.0 when it's released. There's a lot of relevent information on the website as well as the users guide.

And I'd like to put in another request for a Mac version. We've had our Mac now about 15 mos and no FSP installed yet.
I'll make a mac port official available shortly after the PC version 6.0 is complete. The pre-release will technically run on the mac if you have some computer skills, but I'm uncertain about putting in the effort to publish a pre-release installer on the platform to smooth out it's use at present.