We're so far in debt, it really seems impossible to ever dig ourselves out. Argh.

We paid off a credit card in February and a few teeny tiny ones last month, but it's still pretty bad. I have around $13K in student loans, and we have about $15K in medical debts. $10K in back taxes... a couple of credit cards... I think altogether we have about $55K in the hole.

We have a budget and try to stick to it but I'm not sure how successful we are. I used to be really bad about buying random stuff but I am trying so hard to get better about being careful. We don't use our credit cards, they are all cut up. We just use cash and debit cards (for gas, I hate paying cash for gas.) We just started paying tithing in November and I can't believe how it's blessed our lives, seriously. I think I will go post about it right now in one of the Church related forums

DH makes a good amount of money, but it's just that everything is due at once and it's so hard and scary and frustrating. Earlier this week we got a settlement offer from a credit card and I want to take it so bad but there's just no way, they didn't give us enough time. I've cut costs a lot and am trying to do even more, but it's so confusing. I'm having surgery next month and besides that, feel strongly that I shouldn't go back to work yet, not till my 3 year old goes to school (not this year.)

I don't know, I guess I just needed to vent a little. We were young and stupid stupid stupid, and then I got really sick with my pregnancy and there were lots of complications which cost lots of money even with insurance. I'm just scared that we're screwed. We have a goal to be out of debt within 3 years but it just seems so far away.