I've been shopping a bit lately at this website: http://www.homefoodstoragesupplies.com/

They pretty much have the same products as many other food storage website. But I think it is a pretty good deal. Just as one example, the total cost for internet-grocer.net to ship me six #10 cans of buttermilk powder is $150.27, including shipping. The total cost for the exact same product from the link I provided is $111.52. Now, that is a random example and I don't know if all the products are similarly priced. That just happened to be what I was interested in ordering. And it is the exact same product - both places get it from Walton Feed. In fact, this website came in two dollars under Walton Feed all told for the product I mentioned.
I think it worth everyone's while, at any rate, to price things there as well when you're looking for long term food storage.