How many of you put aside gold and/or silver?

I started doing this last year as a crub against the lower dollar and inflation. I also worry about the introduction of the Amero and the North American Union. I worry that if this happens we will be faced with sky rocketing inflation because we would be saddled with stabilizing the Mexican economy. If that happens, I can see the US Dollar being worth basically nothing.

So far my gold and silver has done well for me, as it has off set my losses in my 401(k) and IRA. Since gold is so expensive I haven't purchased any fractional coins (e.g., halves, quarters or tenths) as the premiums are too high. I've only purchased whole ounces. I stick with American Eagles in both gold and silver.

Eventually, I'd like to get a $1K face value bag of junk silver for a TEOTWAWKI situation.

What say you?