I know we are in for some serious conditions before Christ will come again. I know we have the power of the Priesthood and we also have to be living righteously. I know many of us will not be here due to disease and calamities that will plague the earth and it's inhabitants. I have been reading and trying to learn about herbs (not growing them). I buy and use several (already in pill form) I'm not an herbalist but I am trying to add to my food storage, herbs that may come in handy not only now but for at a later date when we have no doctors to go to.

Does anyone here know what would be a very good herb for plagues? And when would you need to take them? How long does it take for them to become effective?

Oh, I would appreciate knowing any other herbs that you feel would be crucial to have in your storage and what they would be used for would also be helpful. Like I said, I'm learning but there is so much information regarding their usage that it can be overwhelming sometimes.

Thank you