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    Exclamation Lessons learned from storing foods

    In Mirkwood's blog, he has a picture of shelves of foods. Among these are top ramen, canned chili (I think it is chili) and Hormel Completes. Some time ago I bought one each of the available flavors of the completes. Loved the beef stew - always have liked it in the cans, all sizes of cans. Didn't like the other beef one. Then I ended up shoving all of the boxed goods into the *den* cause I was feeding the neighbors the TurDucken that BIL shipped to us. So the completes were in a box and totally out of mind.

    Flash forward a couple of years, the stores are really pushing these completes. Lots of coupons out there for $1.00 to $3.00 off of 1 to 3 Completes. So, I buy one of each flavor. Even the breakfast ones. Here is my report: Breakfast ones are N A S T Y. Pure & simple N A S T Y. Husband will eat pretty much anything - even he passed on those. The Chix 'N Dumplings, Chix 'N noodles, Chix Alfredo are all okay. Need a bit of salt and pepper. The beef stew is still good. Then there is the Cheesy, Bacon Noodles. BLEH, N A S T Y. Honestly it tastes like furniture lacquer.

    I have stocked up on the envelopes of Rice Sides, Noodle Sides (I know this is not their names, but it is what they are). Really love the Alfredo Noodles. BUT the entire envelope is 2X more than I can eat, and hubby won't eat them anymore. Pasta & Rice are bad for him he thinks. BAH Humbug, he is nuts.

    I was buying 6-8 oz. jars of alfredo sauces at the Dollar Tree for a $1.00 - and adding that to pasta. Still it was a bit more than I can eat. BUT these Completes are just the right size. Add two handfuls of frozen veggies to a nukable dish, two slices of whole wheat bread with real butter on them and I am in heaven.

    I really like Nalley's Chili. Original, Thick and the one with Onions. Discovered that Hubby likes it on top of an all beef hot dog-n-bun (or slice of whole wheat bread) with extra raw onions and two handfuls of grated cheese.

    Then there are the Rosarita's Refried Beans. Any flavor. We have tried other brands and they all give Hubby horrible gas pains. I like to make *Cheater* Tacos. Use real hamburger or the dehydrated beef substitute, along with freeze dried/dehydrated onions, bell peppers, celery bits. Taco seasoning and your favorite taco/tortilla chips. Or flour tortilla's. When I was a wee child, Mom made potato/flour lefse. Only difference from flour tortilla is the potato added to it.

    So, what foods do you have in storage that you eat all the time. What foods do you no longer store for long term because they have a short shelf life? Me, it is Mayo and Miracle Whip. Even if the Mayo is $2.58 a bottle, if there is one in the cupboard, not buying any more. I quit buying cheese whiz in the jars (store brand too). It just doesn't taste good anymore. Hubby and I think it tastes like there is furniture polish in it. BUT the box w/3 packets of Velveeta cheese (the same envelopes of cheese that is in their Shells & Cheese box, are just the right size to use on vegetables or to make Mac N Cheese.

    Top Ramen - I vacuum seal them now. I do stop the vacuum before it goes the whole way so I don't end up with noodle dust when I open them up to use. I did take some of them out of the cello wrap, added some FD/Dehydrated veggies, extra flavoring (chix or beef) then sealed them up again. Hubby really doesn't like them, but for a quick lunch add a beef hot dog cut up, and in a separate pot boil a couple of eggs. To the shrimp flavored ones I added more vegetable broth flavoring. I always have frozen, cooked, peeled shrimp in the freezer.
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