So, I've been meaning to say something about this for a while now, and am just getting around to it.
It seems like fuel storage is probably the most sensible topic heading to throw it into, so here it is....

In spite of some people's efforts to convince me otherwise, I've never looked seriously at any of the ideas for conserving the cooking fuel I have... only on acquiring more fuel. Yes, I'm pretty hard-headed in some regards.
And in-spite of the wife and I currently living in a little (barely passable) efficiency apartment (where I have no room for anything)... I can't seem to quiet that voice in my head that urges me to continue to prepare, even more than I already have, for the coming times of difficulty.
I guess sometimes you have to see something in person for the idea behind it, to finally sink in... and such was the case with the kangaroo-jack.
This totally cool item allows you to bring an entire meal (soup, stew, chili, or the like... and many other dishes as well) up to temperature, and then shut off the fuel source and let it sit, in its own thermally insulated carrier, where it will finish cooking without the use of fuel or any other outside heat source.
Doing my own playing around with my new toy (actually toy"s" is more accurate, as I got 2 of them), I estimate that the cooking fuels I have on hand, will now allow me to cook 3 times as many meals as I would have been able to cook otherwise... and that's a conservative figure.
I consider the amount of funds I've put toward preparedness endeavors, and for me, picking up a couple of these items was a no-brainer.
Its easy enough to find a multitude of links to the kangaroo-jack, if you want to see some videos, or just ask Mirkwood as he knows all about them.