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So, with this explanation under our belts, how do we account for the following reality?

You're taking your initial readings of gold at the top of a gold bubble.

Everything fluctuates in value. Gold goes up and down in relation to other commodities. Different charts are less flattering on the dollar, you picked essentially the perfect span of years to show poor gold performance. It is what it is, but the effects you are really seeing is the exportation of inflation and the pseudo strong dollar policy of the 80s.

Commodities will likely see a boon as money tries to flee the market to a safe haven. Unfortunately wage inflation is not setting in, nor does it appear likely to - nobody is getting a raise. So we will in fact be in an overall deflationary period as people lose their jobs. If faith is restored to the system, this will KILL commodity values. If uncertainty, bad economic times, war, etc continue to grow, gold, oil, brass, lead, and other "safe haven" commodities will continue to go upwards.

That's my take on it.