Children's Adjustible TJ Top Available
Just thought I would pass this I don't get any kind of kick back...wish I did!

New Items
Size 2-8 Children's Adjustable TJ? top with outer shell: $79?
Size 6-14 Children's Adjustable TJ? top with outer shell: $89?

Children's TJs&trade and Shells will be available to be shipped or picked up within 2 weeks

ThermalJohns ?(TJs?) for Children

Jim Phillips

They're Here
People have been asking for children's sizes for a long time. We now have them!

Parents Rejoice
One of the biggest challenges in buying children's clothing is that parents keep feeding their kids and the kids keep growing. Until you stop feeding your children, growth will happen.

Recognizing this reality, our development team created an adjustable TJ? that can be worn by a growing child for several years. Rejoice, you won't have to buy a new size each year!

Two Sizes Do It All
We are producing two sizes that will fit most children ages 2 to 15. The smaller adjustable ThermalJohn? is a size 2-8 and the larger is a size 6-14. Of course, it's not so much a matter of age, but rather size. During the filming of our video demonstration, we had the mother of the two-year old model wearing the size 6-14, and it was a perfect fit on her.

Video Demonstration
Be sure and watch the video on our web page ?to get the full impact of what's been accomplished through adjustability. Some of the key people on our development team deserve special recognition - thank you Keith, Linda and Victoria.

Availability and Pricing
Because of the demand, we are immediately releasing the children's adjustable tops. The bottoms are in development and will soon go into production.

We have set the prices as low as possible. With added features and more labor, plus the inclusion of the outer shell, the cost is about the same as the adult sizes.

Size 2-8 Children's Adjustable TJ? top with outer shell: $79?
Size 6-14 Children's Adjustable TJ? top with outer shell: $89?

Several have suggested, that since this is an adjustable item that won't have to be replaced every year, that we should raise the price to make up for lost sales. We did not do that. Although the TJs? thermal liner is adjustable, the outer shell is not. As your child grows you will need to buy a larger outer shell to allow the TJ&tr ade; to expand.

The children's adjustable ThermalJohns? are sold with an outer shell, and are not sold separately.

Something You Must Know
The ideal materials for the FoamClothing ?are 100% synthetic, however, that means that they will melt and/ or burn. The best outer-weather shell to cover ThermalJohns?or PALS ?is 100% polyester or nylon, but they too melt and/ or burn.

Everyone nee ds to be aware of this issue, but it is especially important when dealing with children. These issues are covered extensively in the Winter Without Worries and Without Fire or Shelter. They are also addressed in


For Children's Safety
Children want to explore, have fun and play! They do not give the necessary attention to the hazards of heat and flame. In fact, one of the problems of being around hot things with FoamClothing? is that you're so well insulated that you do not feel the heat through the clothing soon enough to back away before damage occurs to synthetic shells.

Since children are just not aware of the potential fire hazard, we will only sell the children's sized ThermalJohns? with a cotton outer shell to cover the synthetic thermal liner. The reasons for using cotton are simple:

* Cotton will not melt,

* Before cotton is hot enough to burn, you get that familiar scorching smell,

* Cotton easily absorbs water into the fi ber, so much of the time it is damp, which also retards burning,

* Since cotton will not melt, if you bump up against a hot object, like a wood stove or radiant heater, you will not instantly melt a hole in the material.

These advantages for using cotton shells give a margin of error to help protect children.

The Outer Shell We Supply
You may say you already have some cotton clothing you can use over them.

It can be a challenge to come up with a shell that will go over the top of the ThermalJohns? (and especially the 1" PALS?). Most consumer-clothing is styled and cut to hug the body. The arms and legs are so tapered that it is difficult to fit FoamClothing? inside of them. To make standard clothing work you might have to go up 3 to 4 sizes. Now the legs and arms fit, but everything else is falling off.

A good option, I've taught for years, is to use the military BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). The legs and arms are not tapered like regular clothing, they are much more loose and blousy. We are using a scaled down children's size BDU for the outer shell.

Ordering Children's Adjustable ThermalJohns?
You will need the following information when ordering?

* Age

* Chest measurement

* The size of street clothing normally worn

* The color selections are, Woodland Green Camouflage, Black and Tan

It is not a good idea to buy an extra large shell and let your child grow into it, doing so will hurt the performance. The shell contributes to performance in two major ways: 1} it reduces air flow through the TJ ?which will cool the wearer (a loose and floppy shell will allow excessive air flow), 2} the closer fitting shell helps hold the adjustable TJ? close to the wearer which reduces large air gaps that will reduce performance.

This is Children's Active Wear
The size 2-8 and 6-14 ThermalJohns? with outer shell are being sold as children's Active Wear. There are very specific regulations for children's sleepwear from size 9 months and up to size 14. The ThermalJohns? liner and the PALS? liner are not rated for, nor are they being sold as children's sleepwear.

TJs ?Are Not Arctic Wear
The 0.5 inch thick TJs? have many uses. They are great for most outdoor winter activities. They are very important as a part of a family's emergency supplies for when shelter and heat may be unavailable. They're ideal indoor-wear when the house is unheated in winter during an emergen cy.

For below zero arctic wear or extended periods of little activity at milder temperatures, you will need to use the 1" PALS? clothing.

I wish for you the warmest comfort in the coldest winter