I was going through my homeschool stuff today and I came across my Iron Rod Curriculum that I purchased years ago. It uses LDS doctrine along with educational ideas to teach. I looked online and was surprised to see that it was still available. I thought there might be some that would be interested in this.


SAVE TIME! SAVE MONEY! Homeschooling does not have to be expensive.

With IRON ROD almost all the preparation is already done.

IRON ROD was created to help LDS families prepare lessons centered on the Standard Works and words of the Prophets. The main idea behind IRON ROD is that your own scriptures are the text. Rather than a textbook approach to learning, IRON ROD studies all subjects concurrently on a central theme. IRON ROD units revolve around the gospel stories found in all the Standard Works, Academic subjects are taught as they relate to these scripture stories.

Each volume has 14 units. Each unit is in two parts, a story from the scriptures or prophets and an academic thrust. Each unit covers about 1-2 weeks of study time. Also included in each volume: Daily scripture study outline, daily academic outline, and academic guide (PRESCHOOL THROUGH SIXTH). The stories and academic thrusts for each volume are listed below.

Volume One $25.00 ea.

UNITS: Pre-existence--Time; Creation--Solar System and Space Exploration; Psalms--Music; Noah and the Ark-Animal Classification; The Christmas Story--Methods and History of Travel; Betrayal and Crucifixion-- Rome and Romans; Lehi in the Wilderness--One Year and 3 day Storage; Crossing the Sea--Christopher Columbus, Navigation; Nephites & Lamanites Divide-The Revolutionary War; Word of Wisdom--Nutrition; First Vision--Forests; Tower of Babel--Language; Articles of Faith--U.S. Constitution; Words of the Prophets-Money and Finance. 18 weeks of suggested study time.

Volume Two $25.00 ea.

UNITS: John the Baptist--Deserts; The Resurrection--Genealogy; Parable of the Talents--Art; Brother of Jared-Weather; Building of the Ship--Ships;King Benjamin--Communication; Helaman--World War 11; Jonah and the Whale--Oceanography/Sea Life; Joseph in Egypt--Ancient Egypt/Archeology;Law of Tithing--Taxes; The Miracles of Jesus--Disease and Illness; Brigham Young--U.S. Presidential Elections; Mormon Pioneers-- Pioneers and Early Settlers; Words of the Prophets--Scientific Methods. 19 weeks of suggested study time.

Volume Three $25.00 ea.

UNITS: Adam and Eve-Marriage; Cain and Abel--Farming and Agriculture; Abraham--Plains and Prairies; Enoch and Zion--Cities and Urban Life;Jesus is Tempted--Rocks and Minerals; Jesus and the Temple--Trade or Business; Sermon on the Mount--Manners and Customs; Abinadi and King Noah-Courts System, Crime and Punishment; Enos--Indians; King Limhi--Civil War Part 1; Alma--Civil War Part 2; Angel Moroni and The Gold Plates-Ways History is Recorded; The Lost Pages--Printing and Newspapers;Priesthood is Restored--United States History 1820-1830. 17 weeks of suggested study time.

Volume Four $25.00 ea.

UNITS: John Taylor-U.S. History 1860-1880; Church Reorganized On Earth-U.S. History 1830-1840; Alma the Younger-Forms of Government and Ride; Alma and Amlici-Napoleon; Alma-Clothing; Alma and AmulekWeights and Measures; Woman of Samaria-Prejudices; Young Jesus-Growth and Development; Miracle of the Wine-Pottery; John is lmprisoned-Prisons;Abraham and Isaac-Reproduction and Birth; Lot-Fire; Isaac and Rebekah-Water systems and wells; Jacob and Esau-Cooking and Food Preparation. Settlers; Words of the Prophets--Scientific Methods. 19 weeks of suggested study time.