I re-use the same poles for years on end. I only replace a pole when one gets broken, which doesnt occur often. I dont use an open-pit fire in my tipi, mainly because the places that I always camp with it do not allow direct contact between the fire and the ground. I burn wood within my Cylinder Stove, and just use a couple of lengths of chimney pipe and let the rest of the smoke go about half way up the tipi height, it goes right out the opening in the top of the tipi. We have a suitable size piece of carpet that we keep rolled up in our tipi trailer, and we put this down in all seasons. The major difference between this and a pyramid tent is that tipi's require many large and heavy poles and quite a bit of effort and know-how to get them properly set up. A pyramid tent is one or two (modified pyramid) poles and some stakes, so they are far more simple. Tipi's will offer more room than a pyramid, and the opening at the top of the tipi also makes the structure much cooler than most tents (including pyramids) in the warmer months. Tipi is my first choice for a primary shelter, but to be honest when I am older and my kids have grown, I will be leaving the tipi at home and going to mountain man rendezvous with a modified pyramid tent instead, just because they are so much less work, from transport to set-up.

Abinadi, if you are seriously struggling with this decision, PM me and I will give you my ph#, you can call me and we'll talk about it for awhile.