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    Default Pyramid Tents

    I love pyramid tents, they are fantastic structures because they are so ridiculously simple and still so effective. A pyramid tent comes in two basic styles, regular and modified. A regular pyramid tent is made of high quality canvas, and uses just one single center pole for support. The base of the canvas is staked out at specific stake points, and when the center pole is erected the resulting tent is fairly roomy. Because of the simplicity of the design, even in fierce storms there's simply not much a storm can do to a well made, properly erected pyramid tent. As with other canvas structures, they can accomodate a wood burning stove just fine.

    A properly erected pyramid tent is staked out in a way that produces nice, taught walls when the center pole is raised (see bottom picture below). These structures are very fast and simple to set up, and can be done by one person. If for some reason your pole is damaged or broken, it's simply a matter of finding another peice of branch or wood and cut it to the appropriate length.

    These tents sometimes come with additional flaps attached to the outside of the canvas. These flaps serve as awnings, and can be dropped in the event if heavy winds.

    A modified pyramid tent is built on the same principle as a pyramid tent, but with a "ridge pole" attached horizontally to the top of your center pole. This modification significanly increases the internal space of your structure. I have seen them in sizes up to 18x20. Although I dont necessarily "need" another tent, I wouldnt mind picking up one of these.

    Regular pyramid tent:

    Modified pyramid tent:
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