This is the cure for the flu - garlic

To prevent getting the flu you need to have a very clean environment. Avoid getting chilled. Cooler temperatures helps the virus and makes you suseptable to the flu. Don't let the back of your neck get chilled. Wear scarfs and hats and dress warm.
Those who get the flu that die usually die from pneumonia.

There is an herbal remedy out there called Super Immune Garlic Formula. It is by Dr. Christopher. You can find it at any health food store. If you get the flu take this by the swig full (not by the directions - not enough) and you should be better by the next day.

Hot baths followed by cold showers will help too. (The cold shower will not chill you but will seal the heat into your body)

Eat lots of onion soup that you add raw garlic to after it is cooked.

You may stink to high heaven but you will be avoided by people and not able to pass it on. It's worth it to be better by the next day.