Today DMGNUT and I attended a local gun show. While walking around we encountered a small table that was covered with, what I intially considered junk. But as I looked closer I saw two X-Pack water filter bags. These are really fantastic items. Basically they are a non-mechanical water bladder that allows the user to fill one portion with literally any contaminated water and via osmosis, all the contaminates are filtered out leaving pure potable water.

"The X-Pack provides up to 55 liters of clean drink from nearly any surface water source over a ten day period. Use nearly any water source to generate clear drink. Purity levels are comparable to reverse osmosis systems, and the filter meets EPA standards for the removal of biological pathogens (viruses, bacteria, cysts). Used by soldiers to drink the floodwaters in New Orleans, you can trust the X-Pack to provide safe and simple filtration wherever you are."

Here's a LINK to the company's website.

Here's an interesting chart that shows how this product compares in several categories with other products:

Watch the news broadcast video on the home page for a very good explanation of how the product works.

I have been looking at these for over a year and wanted to incorporate this technology into my prepardness plan. The company makes a simular product that will desalinate seawater in the same fashion. This would be a top priority if I lived along a coast or had a boat.