I'm getting about 80% germination on my saved seeds (tomatoes) so far it looks like. I'd like to get higher, though.

Two things I think I'll do differently this year after reading another seed saving book. (Saving Seeds, by Marc Rogers)

1. After letting the seeds getting the foamy fermentation stuff on top, I'd dump the container all into the sieve and rinse them out. Next time I'm going to scoop out the foam first. The "dud" seeds also float to the top, so I'll get those out along with it. Then pour in the liquid and good seeds that stay on the bottom.

2. If you dry the seeds too quickly in too much heat, they can crack and form a hard outer shell which hinders the germination. Next time I'll make sure I'm not drying on super hot (over 100*) days.

I'm also going to make sure I label everything... I did that with the tomatoes, but I have these other seeds... not sure if they're cantaloupe or cucumber.