Kind of cool that Elder Bednar just mentioned 72 Hour Kits in General Conference.
Big thumbs up for that (since so many good righteous saints, think they're useless... not anyone here, but others that I know).
And as I understand it... pics and lists rule the day with insurance companies.
Most everything you have will be covered in a limited capacity (even guns).
But... anything over their idea of "reasonable" will not be covered at all, as they'll say you needed a rider policy for "that", (whatever "that" is... or was).
And if you're getting a rider policy for something (that's presumably expensive, and usually must be a single item or small collection), it's only gonna fall into the, it "might" be worth it category, as rider policies tend to be very pricey... especially for individual items that are valuable (and you better be able to prove it's value).
I have no idea what they would or would not do for food storage (especially considering it's diminishing shelf life).
In the end, I strongly suspect you'd get very little in return for the rider policy that you paid quite a bit for.

We have and store combustibles... but in storage sheds in the back yard (no electricity, or spark sources, not in or near the house, proper storage containers, etc, etc).
Doing the best we can, as we may, but we still can't foresee the fluke or rare odd occurrence.

PS. I've always disliked battery chargers... but if you need one, take the battery out of whatever device (or vehicle it's in) before plugging it into the charger.