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Thread: Gophers -N- Stray Un-Neutered Cats

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    Default Gophers -N- Stray Un-Neutered Cats

    We have gophers! The lady who lives behind me has set out solar, vibrating stakes to chase away the gophers that invaded her unkempt yard. They have now invaded my little strip and the neighbor to the south of me back yard, and area next to the parking areas.

    Each day there is at least two new mounds. I went and bought a box of TomCat Gopher Worms. Ten worms for 22.95$ These are yellowish, poison worms. You take a flat shovel aka square point shovel to cleanly remove the mound and expose the hole of the tunnel. Wearing rubber gloves so as to not get your human scent on the worm AND not get the poison on your hands, you then drop one worm into the hole, then cover it up with the dirt.

    Sounds easy peasy right? Well, it is for someone who is not all stoved up like I am. So tomorrow morning I will call my gardener and ask him to come over Wed or Thurs and Kill The Gophers for me. These rather spendy poison worms are for the mounds on my lot only!

    Also there are two stray un-neutered cats who are making my newly cleaned up flower beds their personal potty room. Boarding my beds with moth balls/crystals hasn't really stopped them. So now I am going to poison them if I can. Extremely cheap and smelly canned cat food then add some one bite bar that has been ground to dust.

    The woman at the far north end of our crappy trailer park now has about 10 cats. She has no money to get them neutered - nor can she feed them. But she collects them from around town.

    Call me what you want, but stray cat poop and spray is BAD! It is deforming my bulbs and perennials. Plus the largest of the strays is a tom and he has been spraying my steel front door and the rims on Hubbys Chevy Colorado Truck! Hubby took away my ammo for my little hand gun - - IOW he won't let me shoot that beastard. There are two other critters that have been pooping under my ramp, steps and my strip of land to my shed and that is a/ or more raccoon(s) and bear(s). So I really don't care if they eat the poisoned cat food either. Enough is enough!!!
    "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein

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